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Lilly Janoschka, HR Manager @ Ophigo
Julia Reis' HR Checklist saved us a lot of time and research in setting up our HR strategy. We were able to directly recognize in which areas there is an urgent need for action and which areas are already functioning relatively solid at our company. This allowed us to quickly filter out the most important projects and
Tanja Zinkl & Jakob Allinger, People Team @ Kaleido
"Our clients loved having such a structured overview to plan their next steps." - As an actual client of Julia, we can just double down on that. A great tool that provides guidance especially for growing companies like Kaleido AI to prioritize and focus on topics that move the needle the most right now. The sparring
Ziad Iqbal, CEO @ Archibo
We are extremely happy that we came across Julia's HR Checklist offer. As a growing startup, we quickly realized that we needed to set up and structure our internal HR processes more professionally. The HR Checklist came at the right time and has taken a lot of work off our shoulders. It helped us with the analysis of
Peter Schaffler, Operations Director @ Lie Detectors
The HR checklist is a great planning tool for Lie Detectors. It offers an holistic approach to HR, covering everything from payroll management to the importance of decorating the desk of each new starter. This checklist highlights what we should focus on, taking into account both the current situation and the future
CHRO of a German insurance company
The HR checklist from Julia Reis Consulting was a very good basis for us to reflect in a structured way on the various aspects and fields as well as processes of our own HR work and to define optimization needs. In a joint discussion, Julia Reis responded very flexibly to our questions and gave us many valuable
Stephanie Luftensteiner, Senior Director Human Resources @ DHL Express Austria
I can highly recommend the HR Checklist. It shows at one glance what modern HR should be able to deliver and makes it easy to assess the maturity of your HR organization. The HR Checklist was instrumental for me to assess the status quo of the HR department when I was joining DHL Austria as their new HR Leader. After